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Interactive Cinematic Theatre(互動式電影劇場)是由陈伊如提出,一種介於“實時演出的戲劇”(Live Theatre)和“現場電影”(Live Cinema)之間,且基於虛擬劇場(Virtual Theatre) 的互動表演藝術。演出的呈現方式極大的依附於且被觀眾的在場性和參與度所影響,企圖給觀眾營造一種沈浸式的電影體驗 (Interactive Cinematic Experience)。

Interactive Cinematic Theatre, proposed by Yiru Chen, is an interactive performance art based on a virtual theatre. It is a hybrid of "Live Theatre" and "Live Cinema". The presentation of the performance is highly dependent on and can be influenced by the presence and participation of the audiences, aiming to create a kind of interactive cinematic experience for them.

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